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Raw Ruby Hexagon Crystal

Raw Ruby Hexagon Crystal

Raw Ruby Hexagon Crystal Healing Properties Passion Vitality Root Chakra


Energetic Vitality and Passion: Embrace the vibrant healing properties of our Raw Ruby Hexagon Crystal, believed to stimulate and invigorate the vital life force energy within. This crystal is thought to resonate with the heart chakra, promoting a sense of passion, love, and emotional balance. Incorporate it into your daily meditation or energy work to enhance your connection with the innate vitality that the ruby is renowned for.

Courage and Inner Strength: Discover the empowering qualities associated with the raw ruby. This crystal is believed to instill courage and inner strength, making it a valuable companion during challenging times. Allow the raw, untouched nature of the hexagon crystal to serve as a conduit for these potent healing energies, supporting you in overcoming obstacles and fostering resilience in the face of adversity.

Heart-Centered Healing: Immerse yourself in heart-centered healing with the raw ruby hexagon crystal. It is said to facilitate emotional healing by encouraging a deeper connection with one's emotions and fostering self-love. Incorporate this crystal into your healing rituals to promote a harmonious balance between the heart and mind, creating an environment conducive to emotional well-being and self-compassion.

Amplification of Positive Energy: Utilize the hexagonal shape of our raw ruby crystal as a powerful tool for amplifying positive energy. Whether you're engaging in energy healing practices or simply seeking to enhance your overall well-being, the raw ruby hexagon crystal is believed to act as a magnifier, intensifying the positive intentions and healing energy you channel through it. Allow its natural form to be a conduit for the amplification of positivity in your life.


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