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Natural Stone Om Engraved Chakra Necklace

Natural Stone Om Engraved Chakra Necklace


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Artisan crafted, each pendant is handmade and has naturally occurring stones ethically sourced from western hills of India. These artisans have expertise in cutting and moulding stones which is passed on through the generations in their families.
Om is the one eternal syllable of which all that exists is but the development. The past, the present, and the future are all included in this one sound, and all that exists beyond the three forms of time is also implied in it.
Each pendant is accompanied with a durable black cord that gives the gemstones a striking look when worn. The necklace is presented in a BellaMira jewellery box for storing or gift giving.
At BellaMira we only sell genuine gemstones - do not be taken in by cheaper synthetic copies.
The pendants are made of Natural Gemstone - the pictures are for illustration only as you may receive necklaces that have different colouring as the stones occur naturally.
~ Amethyst represents Crown Chakra
~ Lapis Lazuli or Blue Aventurine represents Third Eye Chakra
~ Tiger Eye and Turquoise represents Throat Chakra
~ Green Aventurine represents Heart Chakra
~ Yellow Aventurine and Crystal Quartz represents Solar Plexus Chakra
~ Red Aventurine and Rose Quartz represents Sacral Chakra
~ Red Agate represents Root Chakra
You will receive
~ Natural Gemstone Pendants (as chosen) engraved with Om (Aum)
~ Black cord to wear the single point gemstone chakra pendant as a necklace
~ BellaMira organza pouch for storing or gift-giving
**As the pendants are made of Natural Stone, he size and length of each pendant varies due to hand-moulding and artisan crafting**
*The pendants length varies between 30mm - 50mm (3-5cms)*


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