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Girasol Healing Crystal - Single Polished Tumblestone

Girasol Healing Crystal - Single Polished Tumblestone

Girasol helps in improving communication skills to the benefit of personal and professional relationships. It deepens the connection with family, significant other, friends, and work colleagues.


Girasol is a pale pink quartz variety. It’s often clear and milky. The name Girasol is from the Italian word girasol, which means “turn towards the sun”. The energies of Girasol will also guide you in seeing the truth when it comes to a particular issue.

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Girasol Wellness Mantra: “I am courageous. I am confident. I am at peace with myself.”

Healing Properties: 
communication | truth | grounded | boundaries | thoughtful | focused | hope | optimism

Cleansing & Charging: 
To cleanse, place in running water or smudge with sage.
To charge, place in the moonlight overnight. This is best to do on a full moon.

Feng Shui:
Place near a window bring in energy and light. They offer an indoor sun for warmth, strength and vitality.

It is associated with Crown and Throat Chakras. It will help with soothing and cooling them to help you regain your balance and well-being.

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Each polished stone is unique as these are natural crystals.

The crystal you receive may differ in shape and size from the image.

The crystal comes with a handy information guide and a BellaMira pouch for storage and safe keeping. 

Each crystal sold individually.`


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